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My Pain Feels Like

Ivan's guide to your GP visit

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New animation with broadcaster Ivan Yates to help get the most out of your GP visit before going on holidays this summer

New research by the 'mypainfeelslike...' campaign found that 49% of people living with persistent or chronic pain in Ireland find travelling or going on holiday difficult because of their pain.1. Just over half discuss their pain with a healthcare professional once a year or more, but almost one in five claim to never discuss their pain with a healthcare professional1 To aid people when visiting their GPs, the 'mypainfeelslike...' campaign has created an animation with Ivan Yates on how to get the most from your visit - especially before going on holidays this summer.

  • References

    1. Survey by Empathy Research on behalf of Grünenthal Pharma based on 527 Irish sufferers of chronic pain aged 18+ in April 2017

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