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My Pain Feels Like

Pathways through pain

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Pathways through pain

Pain is normal and necessary. It is when it persists beyond the expected time of tissue healing, that it can become more of a problem and impact on not only physical health but also on your emotional well-being.

The section contains helpful resources and materials to help you manage your pain.

  • Informative video on the importance of pacing and adherence to medications with Joanne O'Brien, Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner (RANP) in Pain Management, Beaumont Hospital Pain Clinic
  • Stretching and exercises to help manage back pain class with Susan Murphy, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist PhD, University Hospital Waterford
  • Mindfulness practice podcast with Orla Spencer, Clinical Psychologist, Adult Pain Service, Tallaght Hospital, Dublin

How you can move away from a persistent pain cycle

Your pain may be difficult to understand and manage on a daily basis. Your healthcare professionals such as a GP, nurse, psychologist or physiotherapist will talk to you about managing your pain with medications, exercises and other treatment options. They can also support you with self-management activities like mindfulness and relaxation practices.

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